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Recently purchased the RS SPL meter and have been playing with REW since yesterday. Now that I have my measurements, I'm not sure what next steps to take.

Right now this is what I have in my bedroom HT:
Energy CB-5's for LR
Energy CC-10 for Center
Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K

My measurements:

SPL and Phase (receiver pure direct mode)
spl and phase pure direct.jpg

SPL and Phase (receiver standard stereo mode w/ MCACC)
spl and phase.jpg

Waterfall (receiver pure direct mode)
waterfall pure direct.jpg

Waterfall (receiver standard stereo mode w/ MCACC)

Full range (receiver standard stereo mode w/ MCACC):
spl and phase full range.jpg

From the graphs, it appears MCACC is doing its job. But even with MCACC enabled, there are still a few holes in my response (50-80Hz band, 110 Hz, 220Hz, 440Hz). (Note that I calibrated with MCACC a while back, so my SPL meter may not be in exactly the same spot as my receiver mic.) How should I go about trying to improve my responses? Do I also need to look at impulse graphs?

Also was looking into whether I should shell out $2000 to upgrade to dual Rythmik F12's. I'd like to improve my bass throughout the room, not just at the measurement location. I've read most of Floyd Toole's book but it doesn't give practical step-by-step instructions.

I'm new to all of this and would appreciate the advice of more experienced audiophiles. Thanks!

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I suggest finding the best positions for your speakers/sub/listening position, this may improve the nulls. The least you give any EQ the better the results. Personally I don't think shelling out another $2000 is a good idea at this stage. Adding another can possibly confuse matters for you.

Use REW RTA to find the best positioning. I think doing this with settings set to full range to see what your speakers are doing is beneficial. Crossovers can be bought into the mix later.

Is the sub phase set the correct setting.
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