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NHT 1259 Corner Sub

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Build thread for a corner sub using an old NHT 1259 I had laying around.

Corner is the only place for the sub in the room and I have the 1259 and a sheet of MDF. More to follow.
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Sketchup design.

A little over 3 cubic feet. 30" across, a little less than 18" deep and tall. MDF with bracking. Packed with poly-fill.

Probably going to use glue and pocket screw joinery on the inside with shallow dados on the bottom and front baffle for the bracing to stiffen it further.

Not sure where I'll put the terminals or cup yet. Should all be doable with one sheet of MDF.


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Nice design. The NHT 1259 goes back a few years, I take it the surround is still in good shape?
I hope so. It's been in a plastic bin with my other drivers for a few years, but it's always been stored indoors (not attic or garage). I was using it pretty regularly up until about 5 years ago when I built my dipole sub.

I plan on dusting it off tonight as I clean out my basement to get ready for the build.
Oh, and the 1259 was my first DIY build, so I'm a bit sentimental to it too :)
If it the Tonegen buildt 1259 i rekomend 4.5 cu in and 70% off polyfill.
This is an original 1259, not sure what factory made it.

The last sub I had it in was a 3.5 ft3 about 50% stuffed and I got good energy down to 35 Hz, and audible to 22 Hz with no peak or boominess.

Looks like it will be January before I get to build it, though. :( Too much to do around the house before Christmas.
Sadly I abandoned this one. Ended up with a small X-Sub that fit the bill. The NHT is still in the basement in a plastic bin :(
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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