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Niles SI-275 burnt resistors help

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Does anyone have a Niles SI-275 that they can take a few pics of the board on? I have 2 resistor that need replacement but they're burnt beyond recognition. They are R113 and R114.

I bought this thing on Ebay and it was not packaged well. The speaker connectors got smashed in, hit a relay and fried some resistors. Hopefully that's all it is.
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If the resistors are burned it is likely that there is more to the problem. I would compare to the other channel to determine the values and check all of the semiconductors for shorts.
Have you looked for a schematic or parts list online? I agree that there is probably more to the problem than just the fried resistors. Perhaps contact Niles, and try and get a schematic to trace the problem and find appropriate parts. Good luck.
I don't think there's more to the problem. The relay shorted because the speaker terminal got forced into it which then fried the resistors. These boards are far from complicated.

I did look everywhere for a schematic to no avail.

I'll try to contact Niles but I doubt they'll give me schematics.
someone must have one of these?
Thank you!

The color on the images is a bit off but I should be able to figure it out from these
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