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No 5.1 from Vista

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A friend bought a new server from Dell - Vista Home premium. He installed a secondary video card (with HDMI - works fine) and a sound card with optical (Turtle Beach Montego DDL).

From the Windows HDMI screen, choosing the Montego adapter/spdif out I can press the test button and each of the 5.1 speakers properly puts out its test tone but from the Montego control panel (as well as real life movies) I've lost the seperation in the rear speakers - i.e. left and left surround are mixed together as are right and right surround.

I've changed every setting accessible and beginning to think there is a conflict with this montego board and vista but the manufacturer denies any problems.

About to swap audio cards and/or go XP or 7 but all are a pain so I thought I'd ask the experts.

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Is this Vista 32 or 64? I have found that there's usually a setting buried somewhere I wouldn't think to look for it when I have problems, though I haven't set up a HTPC.
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