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No audio output on HDMI input

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I have my Sharp LCD TV audio output connected to my Bose radios audio input. Works great!!......except when I play my XBOX. The XBOX is connected to the TV via HDMI cable. I get sound to the TV, but not to the Bose. If I switch inputs and go to component, it works great. I have went through the TV menus and have found nothing.ANy ideas out there? Thanks!
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What type of output is the line to the Bose?
The output from the TV is RCA, Red and White. The input (Aux.) to the bose is 1/8" phono. There is audio to the Bose with the cable input (composite). If the audio is carried through the HDMI cable from the XBOX into the TV, providing audio, then shouldn't the TV's audio output, output audio to the Bose? Just seems strange to me!
Look in the audio menu for the set. There may be an option to turn the output off or set it to fixed or variable.
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