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No housecurve shows on V5 Beta

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I just installed new V5 version. While preferences shows my loaded housecurve and the EQ box under Target shows the housecurve symbol, I am not showing a housecurve on the graph (also there is no housecurve box shown under graph while mike calibration and soundcard boxes do show). I have several housecurves, none work and all worked fine on old version. Again what am I missing?


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I don't think you are missing anything, Peter. Wiith REW v5, there is a lot more information and options around equalization, and this is now visible on the EQ window. This is now where the target curve is appears, along with the Filters and Filters + Target curves.


I am looking at the main screen and have the first overhead box checked, SPL & Phase, which shows the frequency response measurement. Am I looking in the wrong place or at the wrong graphic display?

Yes, you need to click the EQ button to bring up REW's EQ window, the target curve (which includes any house curve you have loaded, as in V4) is shown there.
Thanks John, it's there. Boy, is this version deeper and more complicated than V4!

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