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No picture thru HDMI on Onkyo tx-sr607

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I have run into a problem with my home theater set up. I have a Onkyo TX-SR607 receiver and have have my cable box assigned to HDMI 1 in and my DVD player assigned to HDMI 2 in. Then HDMI out to a Samsung tv. Everything has worked fine up until a few days ago. While watching a DVD, The video portion went out and my tv was showing "no signal" yet the audio was working fine. I unplugged the HDMI out from the receiver and then back in, and after a few seconds, everything was working fine. Since then, it has done the same thing a few times. As far as watching the cable box, it didn't seem to happen. That was until yesterday. Now whether or not it's on cable box or DVD, i receive no picture for either, but the audio is coming thru fine. Anybody have any idea what the issue could be, before i have to send it off for repair?
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I also have a 607 and unless I turn on the 607, then the vdr and then the TV I occasionally get no picture either.

Sorry I don't have any answers for you.
I just spent 1.5 hours on the phone with my client troubleshooting a very similar issue. Although he has no audio at all. The osd and volume indicator displays on the projector but no matter the input/source selection I have a blue background. I have verified the source setup and hdmi assignments. After moving the hdmi out directly to a source (blu-ray player) I had video. As a last ditch effort i had him reset the processor by holding the vcr/dvr source button as well as pressing the standby/on button...this was no assistance for me but it had been in the past. Does anybody know why this happens? :scratch: :wits-end: :surrender: :please: :dunno: :yikes: :help:
I have the exact same problem were you ever able to figure out how to fix the problem?
Welcome to HTS margiecate.

I haven't had many issues since I made sure I turn the Onkyo on, then the DVD or DVR and then the TV.
I still find if I turn the TV on before the DVD/DVR I still sometimes get no video.
I have a 706 and once in a LONG while I don't get audio or video. ....but I turn everything on in opposite order. Tv, video source, 706. Whenever there is no picture, I just just turn the 706 off then on again, and voila! It's works.
Ok, I don't know if it is because the weather is cooling down here but I just spent half an hour getting video back on my 607. Sound is fine, video and sound from blueray is fine (via hdmi) BUT no video from either DVR (composite) or PC (also composite)!
The other thing I noticed is when I went to setup it did not display on the TV either (when bluray or dvr was selected)
After about half an hour the picture displayed from the dvr and I was able to see the setup menu on all input selections.
I think mine is a heat related problem. I will contact the local Onkyo people and see what they have to say.
I realize this is an old post, but does anyone have a fix for this? Mine just started doing this last night. I tried changing the HDMI out cable from receiver to tv but still does not help. The picture has not came back on yet. All I did was turn zone 2 speakers on and then no more video.
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