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I'm a bit lost on your RCA to 3.5 to ¼ adapter.
I'm not sure which output you are trying to use.
If you were trying to use your subwoofer preamp out it's a mono single.
Your 3.5mm to ¼ are probably both stereo.
You may only be getting half of the signal you need for input.

I think your best bet would be to buy some premade cables.
These are the cables I am using for my Inuke 3000dsp.
I bought mine from Amazon. If you do a search the cables in quotes they should come up for you.

You may have a single subwoofer preamp out from your AV Receiver.
You could try something like this:
"Monoprice 104777 6-Feet Premier Series XLR Male to RCA Male 16AWG Cable"
This cable would run from the RCA subwoofer preamp out to the Inuke 3000 input.
That would fix the mono to stereo problems you may be having with your current setup.

Speakon can have more than a single set of conductors in it.
How many sets of conductors does the one you cut up have in it?
I used a simple 2 conductor (2 Pole) Speakon cable to a 2 conductor banana clip.
"Conquest Sound N2B16 6 6-Foot 2 Pole Speakon to Banana"

Hope this helps!
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