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Noob question: all my measurings look flat

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hi guys,

just started today with the program.

after reading the manual, I tried to calibrate the soundcard.
output ==> directly to input (with jack)
I made the test signal check and had output and input signals.

I press "measure" and it makes the sweep. I see it on input and output.

Result: absoulte perfect line from 0 hz to 20'000 hz. I believe in Mackie but I can not imagine, that this is realistic ;)

I calibrated the output to 75dB (with an external mic DB device). I put on a microphone into the preamp of my mackie-unit. I used the raw-subwoofer. all levels ok, sweep takes place... an absoulte linear graph as a result.

I also tried the manual sweeps.. they work great.. so I have definitly output or the program working ;)

I am doing something fundamentaly wrong.. what is the problem?
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You have a 'monitor mode' enabled in your soundcard and the signal is looping back internally and not through the line-in and line-out.

Search your settings and disable the monitor mode.

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