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Noob Question: IB help

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I have been doing my research for the past hour, and I'm no pro at sound and/or what to use. But I do love having great bass. I have been a part of a couple car forums for years and I know how annoying noob questions are, so I am sorry ahead of time.

My questions are:

1. I am building a HT - 14' x 15', I only have 8' basement walls, so I only have space for one riser about 7 inches high. Because of air ducts my viewable room size is: 10'6" x 15'
- With that said, if I did an IB setup, how many subs and what size would you use?

2. I don't know how an IB setup works, but can auto subs be used for these setups? I like the way some of them look over HT subs, and would like to show them off. :)

3. What materials do you recommend for IB setups? Equalizer, amp, etc...

Thanks for any help
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Auto Subs typically do not have enough Xmax for HT use.

Have a look through these builds to see if there is anything you like:- http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/diy-subwoofers/9265-members-subwoofer-database.html
I like a lot of the setups for sure. After coming to this forum and seeing talks about IB, I thought, that would be great.

About 5 years ago I setup a couple of my Kenwood 12" subs in my room in fully enclosed boxes and they sounded light years better than my HT subs. *Keep in mind, the only subs I have now are out of the box walmart type sets. So anything sounds better and louder almost.

I'm not looking to spend a ton of money. And I realize most HT receivers pump out to 8 ohms, correct? If I have 4 auto subs that are 8 ohm, with an amp, should I be all right?

If it helps any: My budget is set to $1000 for:

Speaker Wire
Equalizer (possibly?)
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well you are posting in the IB forum so i am assuming you are still on that track.

Car subs can be excellent in a home theater if done correctly. i have a 10" sub i bring in from my car from time to time and it does an amazing job. But 99% of them are not meant for IB use. IB is more or less specific on the driver's parameters to be used in order to achieve good bass.

4 8ohm subs can be wired to 8 ohms but you would not be hooking them to your receiver, you would need an external amp to power them. how much power is dependent on the subs and their capabilities.

are you saying that you have $1000 for all of those things? because thats pulling a budget incredibly thin. your entire system? if thats the case if i were you i would start looking on craigslist and ebay for good deals on speakers in an attempt to save some money and get something that works.
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