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Noobie fried something. Toshiba 57h81

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Hi. I'm Scott. I plan on attending more classes to understand how to create and diagnose a circuit soon. I don't have enough posts to post a picture yet.

However, I read the sticky in this forum and upgraded to STK 392-150's after my TV got the flashing red light.. The solder joints on the capacitors have been fixed also..

Only thing is... I forgot to hook up the three connectors that have red, blue, yellow, and green that reside near the red wire capacitors or whatever they are that have the lethal charge in them. Each picture tube has its own set of wires, and I had left all three disconnected and powered up the unit. I heard what sounded like a capacitor trying very hard to charge, but unable to. I shut it down. A half hour later, I remembered the connectors and sure enough. I hooked them up, and the TV fired right up. Only now, the convergance will hold steady then colors bounce around for a few seconds, then align again...

What could I have fried or are these just cheap china chip problems?

Thank you, and I think I shall enjoy this forum..
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Please read the first ten posts of the convergence repair sticky in the DIY Repair forum VERY carefully.

Not sure what "red wire capacitors" means. My guess is that you are referring to the anode leads. While these can have more than 30kV on them, there are other more lethal areas in the set that you must be very careful with. Be very careful and discharge everything properly before working on the set. If you are not confident in what you are doing call a professional.

If you are talking about the deflection yoke wires, it is unlikely that you did any damage. If you are talking about the convergence yoke wires, you could easily have damaged one or more ICs or resistors. It is also very possible on this set that you have solder joints that need repair, as this is very common, and requires a great deal of attention to be sure that you get them all. Moving the boards often breaks already fragile joints.
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