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Northeast Spring Loudspeaker shootout - April 13th

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Hi Guys,

I don't get on here as often as I'd like, but would like to share the details and potential outcome of this event. It's being run at my place (3rd GTG here) and will consist of the following offerings:

ARX A5 Towers
KRK 10-3 monitors
Monitor Audio RX8
SVS Ultra Towers
Beast's LS6s
Legacy Focus SE
SEOS Fusion 8s
SEOS Fusion 10s
SEOS Tempests
SEOS Sentinels
JTR Triple 12s
Yorkville U215s
JTR Noesis
Seaton Cat 8Cs
Seaton Cat 12Cs

List of AVS members confirmed attendees:
Gorilla83, Andrew (cost)
JimWilson, Jim (co-host)
Jeff Permanian
Mark Seaton
logicators, Hassan
Sibuna, Adam
Beastaudio, Brandon
mikeduke, Mike
Ryansboston, Ryan
Rush2049, Ben
Popalock, Austin
mtg90, Matt
SeaNile, John
Chopshop, Jake
mhrischuk, Mike
Kadath, Sam
goonstopher, Chris
RX-8, Bill
ironhead1230, Mike
Imagic, Mark
wfmiller, Wayne

We have a predefined clip list in FLAC format that is approximately 30 minutes long currently. We are looking to cut this down some tomorrow night during some dry runs.

Looking forward to sharing the results with you guys!

Original link - http://www.avsforum.com/t/1446450/ne-spring-speaker-shootout-gtg-date-poll-and-discussion

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Thanks for sharing that with us. Looks to be a good time and learning experience, Andrew.
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