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Having some issues with my parents system... tried to budget build might have done to much...

My father has a deaf ear so I did some unique work... hoping to help from him just cranking the system...
I have put multiple center and left speakers on the system and I the unit keeps tripping to protection


Pyle PDIC51RDNK --- 150 watt peak -- 8 Ohm Speakers
RCA (Generic) 25 watt -- 8 Ohm Speakers
RCA (Old DVD combo System) ?? Watt -- 3 Ohm Speakers

Unit - Sony DH770
Box says --- [email protected] 6 ohms ---

2 Inline Volume Control Knobs --- Pyle PVCKT5

There is your normal 5 speaker surround, then 2 additional left speakers, and 2 additional center speakers, each pair getting a knob.
Here is the Setup ...

3 speakers on left ( Front, My fathers personal speakers, and kitchen )
3 speakers on center ( Front, My fathers personal speakers, and kitchen )
1 speaker on right
1 speaker on surround left
1 speaker on surround right.

Total of 9...

The system ran fine for about 5 days... now it is going into protection.

Also... the reason for 1 left and 1 center speaker, is some shows like to do center speaker voices and other do left and right... so this was a solution so my father could hear everything without blasting everyone else out of the house....

Any help is appreciated... if i need more power i understand... just confused on the math to get what i need and be correct.

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Putting all those speakers, especially the 3ohm ones, in parallel on an amp makes for an almost intolerable load for an ordinary amp. No wonder it is blowing.

Besides, adding more speakers on the same amp does not add more power; it simply divides the power among them and not on equitable proportion.

If you need more power, you need a more powerful amp and a speaker (per channel) that will handle that power.
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I agree, Your going to need to upgrade the speakers and the receiver. The speakers that come with that system are too small to produce clear sound at decent levels so the best option is to upgrade so that the amp and speakers are larger so they can reproduce higher volumes with less distortion.

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Suggest you consider a Bluetooth headphone solution to accommodate his hearing loss and prevent it for the rest of the home's occupants.
- My father-in-law uses that option when we go to commercial theaters, but it could also be applied to a HT situation.

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