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Awesome crossover design site!!

Related to tgauger, I do also come from the Car Audio world but started as a home speaker "fiddler" when I was in my pre-teens.. One thing I've read and discovered is that you need to have the speakers -ear level- to maximize the listening experience, talk about on-axis/off-axis response graphs that the very experienced members here are suggesting... I would try to ditch the tweeters in favor of new known ones (partsexpress.com), they are not very expensive and at least you would know the parameters (basic response, sensitivity and impedance) so you can properly make a crossover for those... Any other thing you do would be a shot in the dark..

If you still want to stick to your drivers, hook everything together (no box yet) and give them a listen, my guess is that your experience will not be very pleasant... If it is, you miiiiight just be one of the lucky ones!! :unbelievable:

Just my 2 cents...

BTW: Even though that GRS woofer models -not so good- for us car-audio guys it would actually be OK to listen to...:bigsmile:
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