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Odd increase in 10k RT60

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I reran REW in my room after some minor changes over the last few weeks. Suddenly I have an almost off the chart spike in RT60 at 10k+. Waterfall shows a weird decay. It seems linear, so I'm not thinking a buzz or other equipment problem. What could be causing this? I am using a beta version of REW....
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Not yet. My next step is going to be re-testing with the mic in a completely new location, and if that doesn't change it then attemping a downgrade of REW and re-testing.
Might be able to use the RTA feature in REW with a 10khz tone and see if anything odd is happening. Hopefully it is something simple for you. Or you can just use RTA and no generator to see if you have a buzz in your room.
Here are two more plots. Obviously there is something odd going on here.
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