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Odd placements for rear speakers

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I could do with a bit of advice about the placment for my rear / side speakers on my 5.1 HTPC.
As its a small room set up i only have 2 options for my speakers.

1. On floor stands just behind me, the pros are i can move them out the way when needed and i can have each speaker the same distance away from me.
Cons are i just can not find a good stand that will put the speaker above head height.

2. wall mounted, pros are i can have them out the way and above head height.
The main con that is really is confusing me is the distance to each speaker will be a lot more on one side.
If i mount them where i want one would be 1.7 meter to the sweet spot and the other will be 1.1 meter.

My sound card will not let me change the time delay at all the only option i have is to turn the closest speaker down as not to over power the other one.

Has anyone got any opinions on what i should do?
Many thanks!
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These speakers are said to be very forgiving for placement. Set the volume level a little higher for the one that's farthest away from the seating position.

Check out either http://www.axiomaudio.com/qs8.html

or http://www.axiomaudio.com/qs4.html
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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