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Odd question about my Receiver....

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This is an odd question so bear with me on this one. I have a Yamaha RX-Z7 (non 3-D) receiver that I purchased early last summer. About 3 months later, Yamaha comes out with Aventage series that is 3D. I currently have a Panasonic Bluray player that has 2 hdmi outputs which still allows hd sound to be sent to the amp, not in analog. But I want to get rid of the annoyance of have to switch everything manually when I want to watch a movie. I have Best Buys service plan and my question is what can I do to the amp which would render it unrepairable? Obviously it would have to be something as to not look like I blatantly destroyed it. If it's deemed unrepairable, Best Buy's plan would cover a replacement. cutting open a power cable, connecting the frayed ends to the amp/speaker outputs and plugging it into an electrical outlet? I don't want to burn the house down
: )
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Your defiantly in the wrong forum as we do not recommend intentionally damaging something so that you can exchange the unit. Its people like yourself that drive the cost up for everyone else.
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