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Official Blu-ray Reviews Scoring

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This thread is meant to act as a guide/explanation as to how we end up at the scores for each section and the overall score for each Blu-Ray we review.

The scoring system that we use is explained below and should give some insight as to how we come up with the overall grade.

The movie itself accounts for 20% of the overall score of the review. Some may argue that it should be split a bit more evenly however; we give more creedence to the PQ and AQ as a majority of our members are focused in on that aspect alone.

The video section accounts for 35% of the review. Here we discuss some of the more technical aspects of the PQ (Picture Quality) and how well the studio did during the transfer of the video to Blu-Ray. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • color reproduction
  • black levels
  • shadow dilineation
  • resolution
  • compression
  • clarity

Similarly to the video, the audio section accounts for 35% of the overall score of the review. Here we discuss the positives and negatives of the AQ (Audio Quality) on the Blu-Ray disc and how the overall sound presentation performed through our systems. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • LFE & VLF
  • Surround Performance
  • Clarity
  • Dynamics
  • Detail
  • Dialogue

The remaining 10% of the review is dedicated to the extras featured on the Blu-Ray. This may include director commentary, behind the scenes features, deleted scenes and a host of other features. While this adds to the overall value of the disc, it doesn't really add to the experience.

Based on these percentages, you can see how a movie (story) could rate :2.5stars: (Fail) yet still receive an overall score of :4stars:.

We use the following Microsoft Excel file to help determine our overall final numerical score: View attachment Review Scoring.xls

Our scoring is defined below and we have a couple of examples listed next to each that we have graded in the past with regards to PQ.

  • :5stars: Excellent (How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, Kung Fu Panda)
  • :4.5stars: Very Good (The Dark Knight, The Book of Eli)
  • :4stars: Good (I Am Number Four, Clash of the Titans)
  • :3.5stars: Fair + (Surrogates, The Last Exorcism)
  • :3stars: Fair (The New Daughter)
  • :2.5stars: Fair -
  • :2stars: Not So Good
  • :1.5stars: Poor
  • :1star: Terrible

Another way to interpret these scores could be:

  • :5stars: A+
  • :4.5stars: A
  • :4stars: B
  • :3.5stars: C
  • :3stars: D
  • :2.5stars: F
  • :2stars: F
  • :1.5stars: F
  • :1star: F

Additionally each review will have a summary recommendation at the end that will basically represent the replay value.


Recommendation: Buy It!​


Recommendation: Rent It!​

We hope that this gives some insight into how we score our reviews and please feel free to post any questions or comments in the Official Blu-Ray Reviews Scoring Discussion Thread.
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