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Ok....I think I have it narrowed down to>>

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the following AVRs: Anthem MRX700, Pioneer Elite SC55, Integra 70.2 and NAD T775. I have read up on all of them and I'm still not sure. I read posts on problems with all of these units. Which would you choose if music was your number one priority(without getting into separates) If you have a better alternative I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance.
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I would wait for the forthcoming Integra 70.3 or the Onkyo version TX-NR3009. I could not be happier with my 3008 and the 70.2 is based off it. However, a small percentage of .2 Integra's and x08 Onkyo's have had issues with a IDE (Serial Cable) that can cause the unit to Power On by itself, Remote Control become unresponsive, and Input Cycling. While the numbers are quite small, the chance is still out there.

With the 70.3, you will get the new Industrial Design and Audyssey MultEQ XT32/SubEQ HT, THX Ultra2 Plus, 8 HDMI 1.4 Inputs, excellent Amplifier Stage for an AVR and much more. I like all the AVR's you have listed.

The Anthem is quite good, but its Room EQ ARC can be somewhat daunting for some whereas Audyssey is most user friendly. If considering Pioneer, I would check out the SC-37 as Pioneer stopped using the Bang & Olefsen ICEPower Modules after the 37 with the 57 using Pioneer's new D3 Amplification. Also, with both being HDMI 1.4, you really are not losing anything and the SC-37 can be had for a really nice discount. I would check out the Magnolia HT at Best Buy as they have been offering them for tremendous discounts.

NAD's are really nice sounding. They have had issues with HDMI Handshaking in the past and other problems. However, this can be said for most AVR's. I would go and audition as many of the AVR's as you can and hopefully listen to them and check out the Remote Controls.
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