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Okami Rumored to Paint the PS3 Red
04/08/2011 Written by Max Murray

is the definition of unrecognized beauty. Anyone who sat down with the title to experience the vibrant Japanese art style and calligraphy inspired action couldn’t help but be swept away by it’s charm. Unfortunately, the original PS2 title sold terribly in early 2006. Against all odds, Capcom released a pseudo-sequel, Okamiden, for the Nintendo DS, but fans pleas and prayers for a true successor to Amaterasu’s original journey may have finally found their way into the 13 Brush Gods’ ears.

Just released in the May issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK is a one sentence hint in their rumor section:
Despite selling like yellow-snow ice cream, OPM favourite Okami could still get a PS3 sequel.
Clover, the original developers of not only Okami but also Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2, was closed by Capcom not long after Okami’s final sales figure came in. Although the creative minds moved on to new studios and projects, only a few of the original cast stuck around to help work on Capcom’s latest successor Okamiden. No word on if Atsushi Inaba or Hideki Kamiya, the producer and creative mind behind the original concept are tied in with the hint, but both have stated in the past they would have some interest in a sequel.
Okami’s celestial brush techniques asked the user to interact with your surroundings by creating brush strokes on parchment that would be used to bring sections of the world back to life, perform attacks on enemies, or create elemental effects like a breeze. A re-release of Okami for the Wii utilized the motion controller to bring the brush strokes to life, allowing users to step even further into the Wolf God’s world. We can only imagine a true successor would continue this trend and utilize the PlayStation Move.

Keep your fingers crossed. You can bet we’ll be following this one closely.

Source: PSLS
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