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Okay... what do you av nuts look like...

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Let's see if we can put a pic/face with a name. I know a few members have profile pics, but you can still post a pic here too.

Don't be shy! It's time we see what you look like.... come on.... be brave! Quit makin' excuses!

I'll start us off. I really need to take an updated pic, but I ain't changed much in the last year or so.

This is the better part of me... my wife, Angibug... and then me (if you can stand to look).

Updated February 16, 2013

We are at a reunion which was held at a restaurant.... this is not a bar.
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Many of you have already seen this but anyways. I'm the one in the red t-shirt. :rubeyes:´

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This is the only pic of myself I can access at the moment.
I am the one on the left, on the right is a friend, Charlie.
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Newbie, but thought I would post a pic of my girlfriend & I(she is "allowing" me to put together HT room - in our townhouse)
And a pic of my daughter, dad & myself - yep, I'm old enough to ahve a daughter this age...and this pic is 3 years old...

Photograph Fun Snapshot Jaw Smile

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Here's a pic of myself and Wayne Pflughaupt at the Houston mini-meet...

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Oh yeah... it was a good trip... check out Houston SVS Mini-meet
I'm always behind the camera. I don't think I have any recent pics.
I got one of you in the SVS Mini-meet thread.

Somebody has plenty of time on their hands.
:nerd: Well I have my Associates in Multimedia Design...how long did you expect it would be, before I did that... I gotta get a nice one of Deb from Napolean so I can do the misses as well.

Be careful Bob ,Sonnie might suspend your acount :boxer:
Wayne may beat him up... :raped:
I look much skinnier now anyway. :huh:
:nerd: Wayne thats like 3 mins great, took me longer to find good covers for me to use....

Anyways I am used to spending up to 4-6 hour stints on one photo project, maybe longer depending on what you want out of it.

True A/V nut below

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Great pics Robert :T

Is that the wife or significant other?

Wow.... standing in front of that store window it looks like you're about 7 foot tall.
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