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Old AVR Repair

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Sorry guys. No real troubleshooting here. This one was pretty obvious. I thought I'd post it in case it helps someone else with a similar problem.

My old Sony STR-D550Z AV Receiver started taking much longer for the output relays to click on and a couple of days later, I got no output from one of the channels.

Sure, a relay driver transistor could have been the problem, but I was reasonably certain that the mechanical relay had failed.

Here is the relay board for the front L/R channels.

Removed two screws.

Out with the old.

The only markings on the relays.

I entered DH2TU in Google and found a place at Ebay that sold replacements. They arrived the very next day after I ordered them and these are them.

In with the new. I cleaned the board with DeNatured Alcohol.

Ready to put it all back together.

Now I can't get it to fail. It works like new. I hope this helps somebody with a similar problem.

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Thanks for sharing. It may save someone an unnecessary trip to the shop.

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Congrats on the DIY fix. Far too many of us would have thrown it in the trash and purchased something new.
Are those your own home made speaker cabinets? They are really nice!
Are those your own home made speaker cabinets? They are really nice!
Thanks! Yes, I built the cabinets and stands. The speakers were a Rick Craig design of Selah Audio fame, using the high-excursion Exodus Anarchy woofers and a Dayton tweeter. The build was documented on another forum.

I haven't done many builds here at the Shack yet, but that will change once I get caught up on other projects so I can do some more speaker builds. I normally do my builds in a step-by-step fashion, to help bring others up to speed on cabinet building and finishing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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