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I guess this is the place to say hi... :mooooh:

My first day here, already got an answer to my first question. :yes:

I'm pretty new to "HDTV tweaking", but I've been a computer geek since the '60s. Got my first job as a second shift IBM System/360 operator in 1968, still in hi-school. Today I'm a senior systems programmer working on the new IBM z mainframes, the great great grandson of that old 360.

I've been into PCs since the original IBM 8088. Had an Atari 800XL at home before that. Same 6502 CPU used by the old Apple machines, and many other "home computers" back then. And before that, I had a Hazeltine terminal in my living room, connected to my S/370 at work via a 1200 modem. State of the art... :bigsmile:

Been a network guy since the 70s, the early days of "leased line" connected 3270 mainframe terminals. Got into PC networking (Netware) pretty quick, I joke that I was a CNE before Novell invented the term. :neener:

My favorite programming is, and always has been, and always will be, Assembly Language. Been doing it on big iron since about 1970, on the PC since that old 8088, the 6502 for a few years before that. There is nothing like talking to a computer in it's own language, IMHO. :yikes:

Anyway, great site. I'm sure I'll be hanging around here for a while...

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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