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I have owned an Onkyo 876 for years and have always had an issue with component not working properly when output through HDMI. It has only become a practical issue lately because several devices I have recently have started using has that as the highest Video output available. The wii is mew to the system because it plays Gamecube games through component rather s-video. And I had a PS3 but sold it, and have been using PS2 with component while the PS3 had HDMI.

I have noticed that anything below HDMI connectivity has artifacts displayed when connected to the Onkyo 876. My Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, Chromecast and PC don't have issues with PQ when using HDMI. But everything else, PS2(component), N64(S-Video), Gamecube(S-Video), Dreamcast(RCA-Yellow), SNES(S-Video), and Wii(Component) they all have bad artifacts added when out theough HDMI.

I tested the systems directly on my TV with those same connections, without the Onkyo 876, and did not have any of the same artifacts. Much improved PQ.

And the settings on the 876 did not change it, Resolution from HDMI out; Auto, Through, 480, 720, 1080, Source. Nor did game mode, any picture processing or other settings that could be changed.

As matter of fact the picture quality when set to component as the analog output instead of HDMI showed improved picture quality with reduced artifacts, increased clarity and better color representation. Although this model is not involved in the recall it probably should be as a HDMI output seems to have issues as well.

Also, using component inputs and having HDMI Output results in glitchy video output, where my it appears to flicker on and off with twitchy picture. The picture you do see has horizontal tearing, flickering coloring, and snow. And even lower connections have noise, wavy colors (where normally a solid blue or color, shows waves of different variations of that color in a shimmery fashion), and overall fuzziness. But as said earlier, these aren't present when the signal is sent directly to the tv.

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