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You'll obviously want to run Audyssey in each room, then likely need to tweak the crossover settings for your speakers a bit.

If it's possible to go with a wired network, you'll likely find better performance that way a depending upon how you're going to use these.

I rip my Blu-rays to a NAS server with lossless mkv compression. That yields 20-35GB movie files - you simply cannot stream that over a standard wireless network. I bought a cheap ($40-50) gigabit Ethernet switch and ran it between my streamer, my NAS and my Onkyo receiver. No lags, instant playback!

Not sure what specific setup tips you're looking for but in terms of speaker placement, another Shack member gave me this link for speaker placement and it really helped when expanding past 5.1. I knew where the Height channel was going but when I added Surround Backs, I was also going to put the Surround L/R behind me - which isn't correct and moving them forward made a huge difference! Loving my 9.2 setup now. Even my wife says she's hearing things she hadn't before - and that amazed me.

CEDIA link for speaker placement and angles:

Anything else you're specifically looking for, please post. Cheers and good luck setting up your new rigs!!!

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