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Onkyo TX-NR828 Owners Thread

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At the suggestion of Ellisr63, and because there is not presently an owners thread for the Onkyo TX-NR828, I am starting one. I do not know didly about reviewing receivers, but I can tell you what I have checked out and what I have connected up and if it worked. All the new techy stuff on this receiver is a bit beyond me, but if other owners chime in, and let us know what they tried, and how it worked, and exactly how they did it, maybe we can all learn something.

So, Welcome to the ONKYO TX-NR828 Owners Thread.
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My bluray player is a 2016 model Sony BDP-S6700. TV is an older (approximately 10 years maybe) Samsung plasma 55". I also have a Roku 3 and Xbox 360 connected via HDMI directly to Onkyo.
Hi. I have had my 828 for 5 years and it has worked well. I just finished our new game room and wired it for 2 channel ues. I have a second amp and pre amp from the pre out but I have no sound to zone 3. Any ideas?
Hi guys, I have my 828 for over 5 years and I’m satisfied with its performance. However, just this year, have experienced a strange phenomenon. I cannot use my remote controller to control the receiver from turning on/off the power to everything. I can only enjoy listening to my 828 using the Onkyo Remote 3 APP. I have this APP about the same time I got my 828 and I can use both the remote controller and the APP. It’s only this year that my remote stopped working. The strange thing is, I can use the remote controller to control my other devices such as, Sony TV and Philips Blu-ray player. I have tried resetting the receiver and remote controller and even changing the code of the controller to no avail. Anybody have experienced same issue and found a fix? BTW my firmware is up to date.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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