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onkyo tx-sr607 w/ dolbt PL IIZ

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Since this is the first version using the "height" speakers any user feedback on performance ?

Considering to purchase: yea or neigh ?
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The TX-SR607 certainly offers many features at an excellent price. PL IIZ is certainly are interesting technology as is Audyssey DSX. I am usually of the opinion however that it is difficult enough to properly setup up a 5.1 system in respect to speaker positioning that 7.2/9.2 systems are really hard to do right.

The only thing I do not like about the TX-SR607 is the lack of preamp outputs. That is always a deal breaker for me. With so many multichannel amplifiers available at ridiculous prices, I cannot fathom not having the ability to add one.

This is especially important if upgrading speakers. Some speakers really need a good deal of power to sound their best. Otherwise, I am a big fan of Onkyo and think they have been on a roll since the xx5 Series.
I agree pushing your budget in order to purchase the 707 would be a great advantage.
ya i just got the onkyo ht rc160 1.5 months ago and really wish i had went for something with pre outs ive just gotten into this whole DIY thing and now i cant really build a great sub now so i have to settle for something with a plate amp vs something with a bhringer e2500 or sumthing along those lines it truly is :hissyfit: for me lol...
The next one up HT RC180 has the pre-outs.

Considering this one now...but the manual says this

Front high, surround back and front wide speakers produce no sound at the same time."
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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