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Onkyo TXsr606 and Wii

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I have a Samsung 40" HDTV - 650 level. Am I better to run the Wii (with an alleged Hi Def cable) directly to the TV or will the picture improve by channeling it through this receiver? I assume I can pick up "big sound" by using the receiver, yes? Nothing like Gary McCord on Tiger Woods for Wii commenting on poor putting though all of the speakers (LOL).
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I set the Wii for 480 and used a component cable out from the Wii to the receiver. I assigned an input, and the Wii is now connected to the TV through the HDMI out from the receiver. The sound is obviously better as I now have all of the speakers running. The video is markedly better. The upconverting feature works. Thanks! Tiger Woods Golf looks much, much better this way!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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