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Oppo 203

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I currently own the Oppo 103d. Does the 203 have an advantage over the 103d if I don't have a 4k tv?

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Quick Update to the Digital Error test I performed with OPPO UDP-203 and posted the results earlier here, I have checked the HDMI Input also for digital errors using an YCbCr 4:4:4 / 4:2:2 8bit HDMI Input signal and I found it bit-perfect also!
That's excellent news Ted. Did you also check for audio/video sync? ...From various sources.
That's excellent news Ted. Did you also check for audio/video sync? ...From various sources.
Hi, sync is related with HDMI input lag (internal display colorspace conversions/processing), I can't test this because it will different per setup. ;)
I looked @ the most recent Oppo 203 thread and this is it.

Release date: March 24, 2017
Category: Latest Public Beta Test Release
Main Version: UDP20X-41-0317B
Loader Version: TF0030
MCU Version: MCU203-01-1118
Release Notes:
1. Added the Dolby Digital and DTS options under the S/PDIF Output setting in Audio Output Setup, which allows the player to re-encode different audio formats into the Dolby Digital or DTS audio format for the S/PDIF output.
2. Improved the output accuracy when using the RGB PC Level color space.
3. Resolved a frame dropping issue when using cable or satellite boxes through the HDMI In.
4. Improved A/V sync when using the HDMI In.
5. Resolved an issue where the Full zoom mode would not fill the screen when playing 4:3 content.
6. Improved stability when accessing SMB servers.
7. Resolved an issue where ejecting the disc tray could lock up the player.
8. Improved compatibility with Optoma 4K projectors.

• General disc compatibility improvements based on recent and upcoming UHD Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples.
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Thanks for posting that up... I am still on the older firmware.

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Ron, from your Oppo 203 are you using both HDMI outputs or only the main one?
Also, how is your overall experience so far with Blu-rays from your 203's operational side?
And last, your Yamaha pre/pro; do you think it can carry Dolby Vision from its HDMI outputs?

One more :) ...4K is the new BR format, and slowly it's getting HDR better, and Dolby Vision is just around the corner, and Dolby Atmos is getting more and more exclusive to 4K Blu-ray discs from many studios now...the big push plus the let go of 3D immersive audio support for the immersive video BR discs...like 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' from Warner Bros. It is alarming and disconcerting but c'est la vie; 3D good bye, and 4K we all need to buy. We have no choice, they don't make low res TVs anymore (1080p only), or quasi not. How long till you convert the rest of your home theater rig to the next higher Dolby Vision level? :)

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