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OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones and HA-1 Headphone Amplifier Review Discussion Thread

OPPO Website
PM-1 MSRP: $1,099
HA-1 MSRP: $1,199
Available Direct From OPPO.

by Wayne Myers


OPPO is the company that makes the Blu ray players that will play anything, right? Well, they are branching out. They have recently introduced products that take them in one new direction that is not surprising at all and in another new direction that you might not have expected.

The more surprising product is the PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone, intended for the critical listener. The more expected new product is the HA-1 Headphone Amplifier/DAC. Of course they were going to come out with a high-performance DAC at some point. The HA-1 is an asynchronous DAC wrapped up with a discreet, fully-balanced, class-A headphone amplifier, along with every imaginable input type. The product says OPPO all the way - super-versatility, first-rate performance, impressive quality, and a surprising price - and combined with me PM-1 headphones creates a serious personal listening environment.


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I purchased these OPPO PM-1 headphones with our last OPPO BD player order for our a/v store to demonstrate Hi-Res audio in our showroom. The demo is so amazing it actually helps sell the H-Res audio format.

I've been taking breaks during the day to enjoy these beautiful headphones and listen to my favorite music tracks.

Great experience for anyone to enjoy!


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I absolutely love my set of PM-1. I came from the Senn HD650's which is a similar sound signature, but the PM-1 just up the ante in every single aspect over the HD650's. I actually do use them every day and I actually find myself looking forward to listening sessions.

In fact, time to start my listening session now! :)

Such a great headphone that I intend to keep for a long time to come and an OUTSTANDING first attempt by Oppo!
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