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RXP, using Mike P's models, the next thing to look at are excursion levels with 1450w. Do either cross xmax?

My thought on the whole box/power ratio, is get the driver close to it's limits (xmax or even a tad beyond) with the max power you will send it. For sealed enclosures that's super easy because all you do is change box size. For ported, you change box size and tuning points. If the box is too small you won't get as much output because you become amp limited. If the enclosure is too large, you become excursion limited and risk damaging the driver if you push it too hard.

Eventually you can balance everything out for your needs.
I am the one going to be building the box for RXPorlando. I been modeling and modeling some more depending on what he wants so i gotten a very good idea of where to go with box sizes and tuning. I am going to target around 17.0hz with 11cu ft after the bracing and port volume have been taken away. The sub will just be touching xmax at max input power. I think it should be the best balance for his needs of music and movies. I thought I was on the right track with relation to box sizes and tunning for optimal performance, now I am sure.

Just one question, when modeling a sub for a given enclosure size, I been subtracting the volume occupied by the bracers and port to get final box volume. Is this the right way to do it ? Does Win ISD account for port volume?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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