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Optoma H27 DVI problems.

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I have a screening room in my house with a 35mm DeVry projector and a 16mm Kodak Pageant. Below the 35mm
anamorphic lens is my Optoma H27 DLP on a table to show DVDs through the same booth porthole
window. It's hooked up to my Samsung DVD
player. Recently I've been having problems with the DVI output. It's not the Samsung player since
I have two and the problems are the same in both machines so it must be the DLP. Every once in a while, the Optoma will not accept the DVI output and the screen says "no signal". It will still play movies via the S-Video output but that doesn't generate the best quality image on screen. The screening room is temperature controlled with a dehumidifyer so that's not the problem. I've bought three DVI chords so that can't be it either. Anyone know why this happens and what to do about it?
I'm beyond the warranty so there's no point in having it serviced.
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My H27 will only accept a DVI signal from my Oppo 981 if I turn everything on a certain way:

1)DVD on, no disc in tray
2)Optoma on, turn to DVI

Any other way and I get No Signal or noise...

It has been this way since day one.
That's interesting. I've found that if I turn on the DLP and let it sit with the flashing light for about
10 minutes, the DVI usually works when I turn on the lamp. However, even here it isn't consistent.
Perhaps it's a flaw in the machine itself which is why Optoma created the Movietime player with
the DVD built into the unit. However, I'm not ready to replace this machine. I'll upgrade it to
an Optoma high definition unit once the Samsung dual format (HD/Blu-Ray) is available. For the time
being I'm still projecting standard definition DVDs. In some cases they simulate the quality of
35mm release prints and the sound is better, primarily because I can adjust it for the screening room.
The problem with cinemas is that they really weren't designed for optimum accoustics, especially
since digital sound is relatively new and many theaters were built before it was introduced in
the nineties.
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