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Optoma HD20

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i have made the jump from 720p to 1080p and bought the hd20 to replace my the optoma hd65 i have.

delivery was received this morning so i hastily set it up to my 1080i source.
i took some pics with the projector set to the default reference and some ambient light present.

the reference setting is supposed to be as close to D65 as posssible. i'll test that as a starting point with a colorimeter when night falls.
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I am considering purchasing an Optoma HD20 but I am curious as to which screen I should get. The projector will be going in my bonus room and screen will be placed about 11'6" - 12' away from viewing area. I am probably looking to get a 100" - 106" motorized screen (a LCD will be mounted to the wall behind it for everyday TV watching). This projector will only be used for sporting events, occasional video games, and movies of course.

Not counting the lights (which can all be turned off) there is 1 window in the room which can be covered fairly easily. I've been looking at Elite screens. Any suggestions would be great on what screen or screen material (matte white, maxwhite, gray, etc.)would be suitable to my situation. Thanks in advance.
Hi, I don't know if this reply is too late, but I'll answer anyway. The HD20's weak spot is its black levels, this can be partially remedied by going with darker screens such as gray. I would go with a gray screen with the HD20.
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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