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Original HSU 10" subs - good replacement drivers?

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Anyone here ever done a replacement of the drivers in the HSU 10" original sub? What would be a good replacement for their driver that would perform as well or better in terms of overall extension, output and power handling? Or would I be better off buying a direct replacement from HSU?

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Depending on the model number of the HSU 10, I believe there was a Dayton clone at one time. I suggest you find out what a replacement driver would cost from HSU and take it from there.
Thanks for the info Mike, I'll send em an email and see what happens. Of course their website doesnt show old product parts...grrrrr. Anyway, I'll try that first.

Hi Mike,

thanks for the link but that is a fully assembled unit. I looked on Dayton's website for a replacement driver for that sub, but found no listing. I did however run across one that looked promising. I havent run it through the enclosure program yet to see how well it would match up to the existing tubes, but I will get that done here in a day or two. The one I was looking at is here:


Seems like that would be a good match for those small enclosures... any thoughts?

thanks for the link but that is a fully assembled unit
Yes, I was thinking P.E. would have a replacement driver for it if it's a clone of the HSU. As for the link to the Dayton sub to see if it works, what is the internal volume and tuning of the HSU sub?
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