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Well, let's do some math...:)

80'' screen in 1,78:1 means 1,80 s.m.

Grimmys Grey's gain is about 0.25 (paint plus finish)
Icon Grey's gain is about 0.33 (paint plus finish)
Granite Gray's gain is about 0.35 (paint plus finish)

Benq on low lamp and cinema mode (without calibration) outputs around 850 lumens. So:

On GG you 'll have 10,97 FL, on IG 14,48 FL and on GG 15,36 FL.

Considering over time that the lamp will lose power, i would say Granite Gray or even a tad lighter would be the wiser choice.
Thanks Yiannis

I went ahead and painted the screen Granite Grey and the result is awesome. Much deeper colors now... I should have done this earlier

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Hi there :)

I'm living in Denmark (Scandinavia) and going for a Black Widow on MDF, most likely spray painted.

The exact EU base paint specified in the Wiki (I did get the AAA online) is hard to track down here though, but I expect the color codes to hold up fine with other local paint brands, as they are international standard.
But the only factor, I can't seem to get a straight answer to, is the glossiness factor. The scale for this here in Denmark is from 0-100, but I'm getting some very vague info (or at least incompatible) on this on different forums, like:

Flat Enamel or Matte

How do I translate these "flat", "Matte" or "satin" finishes to anything remotely like a glossiness scale from 0-100?
And can it be too matte as well as too glossy?

Some help would be greatly appreciated ....
Thanx in advance!
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