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I've posted my system pics before, but I know that we all like to look, and there are a lot of new members, so here we go...

The big changes are that I built a bunch of room treatments and we got new carpet. I also added a BluRay player (finally?), and the Peavey mixer and Rotel preamp. Anyway, I've been playing with this stuff for a couple decades now... This is the latest.

HTPC for DVD, audio via FLAC, etc.
Panasonic DMP-BD-30 Blu Ray Player
Dish Network ViP622 HD Receiver
Thorens TD-150 MkII Turntable

Cary Audio Design Cinema 11 Pre/Pro
Behringer Feedback Destroyer Pro 1124
NAD PP2 Phono Preamp
Rotel RSP-960AX Preamp for Sub Control
Peavey Pv6 Mixer for Sub Control

Sunfire Cinema Grand 5-Channel Amp (mains/center)
Behringer EP-2500 (sub)

Panasonic TH-58PE75U 58" Plasma

Vandersteen 3A Signature Mains
Vandersteen VCC-5 Center
Vandersteen VSM-1 Surrounds
4x18" IB using Mach5 MJ-18 Drivers

Harmony 890 Remote Control
Logiech DiNovo Bluetooth Keyboard
Monoprice 3x1 HDMI Switcher w/ Remote

Room Property Living room Building Interior design

I built the room treatments from OC 703 and fabric purchased locally. A nice improvement. I'm glad I did it and I'm sorry I waited so long.

Notice that the IB sub is in the far corner by the plant.

Room Furniture Living room Property Interior design

Property Room Living room Furniture Building

Electronics Audio equipment Electronic device Technology Radio receiver

Shelf Furniture Shelving Room Electronics

Record player Electronics Gramophone record Technology Electronic instrument

Sub grate built by my buddy with a machine shop.
Floor Flooring Table Room Wood

Enjoy! Comments and questions welcome!

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Otto, that's a very nice clean setup. I really like how the sub is so well hidden in the floor. Great job:T

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Yep, that is the M97xE cartridge. The Thorens had been my father's since I was a kid (probably got it around 25 years ago). When he passed away, it was one of the only a few of his things that I really wanted. I don't have much vinyl, but when I play it, I really enjoy it. It's relaxing and nostalgic for me, as I think it is for a lot of vinyl lovers.

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Thanks, guys.

Yeah, I pulled the four Mach5 MJ-18 drivers out of the IB and replaced them with two Fi IB18 drivers. I tuned them with the BFD, and it sounds great. I would say the change is toward more depth and tightness or punchiness. They also seem to blend better with my mains. I don't think the improvement is simply to do with better or different EQ; I've EQd the MJ-18s many, many times, and I know how to use the BFD, and the MJ-18s never sounded like these.

I haven't had a chance to do a lot of listening, but I'd say it's an improvement. I have nothing bad to say about the MJ-18s; they are great performers, especially at their price point. But the Fis are very nice. I look forward to more time with them, and if I hear anything interesting, I'll make a note here.
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