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Outboard processors for older receivers w/ 5.1 input?

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I remember in the late, '90s Technics used to make an outboard DD/DTS decoder (SH-AC500D) with coax/optical inputs and a 5.1 analog output, for the benefit of certain mid-'90s receivers that had a 5.1 input but no DD built in. I have a Sony receiver from 1999 with a 5.1 analog input. It has DD and DPL (not DPL II) built in. This is fine for me, except many Wii games use Pro Logic II, and it would be really nice to add this without buying an all new receiver. I'm totally happy with this one and it would be practically worthless on eBay anyway. Has anyone made an outboard processor that can handle Pro Logic II?
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Not likely. The only reason they made DD/DTS encoders back on the day was because DD-capable receivers (and DVD players as well) were expensive. Making receivers capable of being upgraded to 5.1 via an outboard processor allowed people to get into surround sound now, and upgrade to DD later as their budget allowed. None of this was ever an issue with DPL II, especially since you can get receiver that has it for less than $300.

I'm with Wayne on this one -- I don't recall seeing an outboard processor for DPL II. I would also think that DPL (original version) would not be that much of a difference than DPL II. Not as good probably, but not "gotta have it" better either.

I would also think that DPL (original version) would not be that much of a difference than DPL II
I'm pretty sold on DPLIIx for sure. I can't believe how good it creates a 6 channel soundfield from stereo information. That pesky DPL used to take stereo and collapse the whole soundfield to the center channel. It never did much for me. :)

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