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If I sit right next to the sub I get a wonderful hit in the chest, which is completely absent in the middle of the room, but I suspect that's due to room issues, not sure what to do about this, but open to suggestions!
It’s a proximity and capacity issue. Naturally, you can get a kick in the chest with the sub close to you. If you want that “kick” anywhere in the room, it’s going to require more subs.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these, but we used to get questions on the HT Forums from people who wanted the same bass-pounding in their home theater that they had with their car stereo. I used to tell them,” Well, you had four 15” subs blasting into what, a 30-cubic ft. space? If you want that same effect in your house, it’ll take the same driver-per-cubic-ft. ratio, not to mention amplifier power.”

As they say in the automotive racing business, there’s no substitute for cubic inches. :D

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