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Hello there... So I'm one of the folks with an older RPTV, it's a 57S500. I just upgraded to HD through DirecTV and discovered that this particular set likes its overscan set nice and high for HD standards. I've dug up a bunch of older posts on some other BB about the set and modifying the overscan, geometry and convergence to try to compensate however so slightly for this. I am hoping that there is someone out there who has some more experience with this set and/or overscan, geometry and convergence and can give me a hand.

So, using the DVE HD Basics DVD I got the overscan set to what I think is about as low as it will go without causing problems with the Magic Focus, 4.5%. Too bad I can't get closer to like 2 or 3%, because in reality, a lot of information productions (CNN, CNBC, ESPN) are running at what it looks like to be 0%. I then accessed the service menu to slightly adjust the H position to get things all squared away and then got into the DCAM grid to tweak the convergence. It took me a little while to figure out the relationships between all areas of the screen, ie. adjusting the green on the lower right (viewers perspective) to the left will push the green on the left out to the left, which was my first problem because I couldn't seem to get that green to move to the left from the lower left portion of the grid. I did a bunch of fine tunning using both the DCAM grid and the DVE Geometry grid, got what I liked, saved to the ROM, re-initialized the Magic Focus and got back to watching. Well here's my problem... I seem to have a pretty decent "roll off" on the left side of the screen. I can notice it most if I'm watching CNBC and the ticker text, which moves from right to left, will squeeze together about 3 or 4 inches before it goes off of the screen. Also top left menu bars on ESPN or FOX (during the BCS Championship game) seem to slope slightly down before the end of the screen.:hissyfit:

My two questions. 1... Is there anyway to get the overscan below 4.5% without screwing up the Magic Focus' eventual ability to operate? As a point of reference, if you flip over to CNBCHD during market hours, on the graphs on the right hand side of the screen all of the various % signs are basically cut in half. At a buddies house not only are they visible but there's a decent amount of room after them as well. On CNNHD, the CNN on the lower left, the C is cut in half, with the same amount of room being left over on my buddies set.

2... What am I missing in adjusting the convergence / geometry that causes that "roll off" on the left? I was always terrible with geometry, but I'm wondering if further adjustment on the right hand side of the screen is needed to "pick up" the H lines on the left.

I hope all of this makes sense, but please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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1. Not much way to keep MF working with less overscan. You need to understand that MF is nothing more than a reset to the settings that you stored. If you can do DCAM alignment, you really don't need MF. Just let the set warm up a half hour before you adjust it and before you judge it.

2. You are likely not missing anything, other than you have not got the grid perfectly linear. The solution is to carefully measure or use an external grid. You may be getting near the limits of the adjustment that the set is capable of. Another method of reducing overscan that avoids these limits would be to shim the CRT bulkhead to move it closer to the mirror. This keeps you in the linear range of the adjustments.
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