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p50h401 horizontal black lines,top half only

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Hi Guys, Great site. thanks in advance. Per this site did diagnostics on this hitachi p50h401. I had the blue flashes. This blue seemed to be a 3 flash first then 4 flashes repeated then I could hear it shutdown. I replaced the 2 main power caps, mine were slightly buldged. I could clearly see the sdr u board had a blown chip. I just received sdr u board and installed. The tv turns on, has sound and picture. The problem is that horizontal thin black lines from middle screen to top. They are all the same size and spacing. I can see the picture through them and it looks fine. The bottom half is clear. The sdr u board that I just replaced seems to have more heat on the upper 3 chips when I feel them. Just warm not hot. If I take the ribbons out one by one I lose 1/3 of the screen respectively. Ive connected and disconnected the ribbons 6+ times and cant get rid of the lines. Bad sdr u board? Problem is something that is only common to top half of screen. I doubt sdr u is bad because the lines never go away and they are covering exactly 1/2 screen. Not a repairman and this is my first shot at fixing a tv. No other obvious signs. The tv runs fine. I had it on for an hr or so. ysus? what about the 2 big 450v capacitors 3300uf. thanks
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Most likely you still have not got the ribbon cables in right. Could be bad connector or you might have damaged a cable.
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