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Paintmix help for viewsonic pro8100

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Hi there. Well I decided to jump on the projector bandwagon a few months back. I got my hands on a Viewsonic Pro8100 . I was going to go with the Wilsonart route until I found out I was being transferred back to the east coast. I decided to go with a paint solution now that I live in a condo. While I'm waiting on my household goods to get here I figured I can go ahead and start painting the screen. Can anyone recommend me a simple paint solution? I would prefer if I can get the materials locally ie Home depot or Lowes.

The room I'm working on is roughly 13'x17' with a measly height of 7'9'' There is two windows in the rear that is currently covered with blackout curtains. Theres little to no ambient light.

The wall that I'm plannin on painting the screen is brown while the the ceiling and adjacent wall is sort of a light beige color. (Rear wall is brown) The projector will be all at the back of the room while the seating will be be back about 12'. The placement of the projector is not concrete so I'm able to place it anywhere if I need to.

Taking in account with speakers and console placement, I'm hoping to paint a 44"x106" screen.

Thanks in advance.
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Since you don't have very many lumens to play with - 10fL for your screen size at the recommended mounting distance - I'd stick with white. I'd start out with a primer coat of either Kilz or Zinsser primer. After that's dry, paint with Valspar Ultra Premium Ultra White in Flat Enamel finish. :T

I hope that you're planning on moving that pj closer to the screen. 10fL is less than the recommended lumens - you'd like to have at least 12fL.
If I shrink the dimensions down to 40"x96" and move the projector about 13' back will that help with fL?
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