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I have recently acquired a Panasonic SA-HT928 (SC-HT928 in some areas I think).

I am having issues with the centre channel.

When testing the channels it works at the same volume as the rest of the speakers.
When playing a 5.1 DVD, the centre channel is silent, there is no dialogue in the movie, all other channels and effects work great. The icons on the dislplay indicate that 5.1 is active.
When I play the same DVD in an external player and use the Digital in, all channels work fine in 5.1

I have tested the amp with another system and all channels work well.
When I tested the DVD player with another amp I had the same centre channel issue.

This leads me to believe the decoding in the DVD player is at fault. Is this a repairable fault?


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Thats an odd problem but it is possible that something is wrong in the player its self. And your certain that the centre channel is turned "on" in the user menu?
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