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Paradigm sub2 / ML Descent style enclosures

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I have an idea but wanted to bounce it off the sub experts here regarding calculating the volume for a six sided enclosure like the new Paradigm SUB1 and 2 and the Martin Logan Descent.

I am thinking I can first calculate the volume of a Triangular enclosure using the great enclosure calculator located on this site: http://www.hometheatershack.com/forums/enclosure-volume-calculator/

Then calculate the volume lost by the 3 sides that would need to be cut out to make the 6 sided enclosure. Basically I am looking to make a polygon but all not all 6 sides may be equal, just 3 and 3 but I haven't got that far yet.

If your wondering what the Paradigm Sub2 is here is some info:


I am not going to be making my own SUB2 but like the force canceling configuration, just check out this demo Paradigm conducted on you tube:

Any ideas on what would be the best method to calculate the volume of such and enclosure?
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Yes, you're on the right track. Any geometric shape can be used as a subwoofer enclosure and to estimate the internal volume before you build it just break it up into its basic triangles and rectangles, calculate those, and then add those volumes together.
Thanks for the reply David.

I figure it will be a little harder to calculate but in a sealed enclosure, just as long as I am close, then I will be OK.
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