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SOLD Parasound HCA-1203A 3 Channel amplifier. Fully working in good condition 6-7/10 on appearance. This is an older John Curl circuit designed unit with high current capacity. SOLD Asking $300 Local pickup in NW Indiana or add shiiping cost to CONUS.

Continuous Power Output
> 140 x 3 watts per channel at 8 Ω
> 200 x 3 watts per channel at 4 Ω
Lucasfilm THX ® Home Cinema approved
Current Capacity
45 amps peak current per channel, DC servo control
18 Beta-matched 15 amp 60 MHz Bipolar outputs
Direct coupled
no capacitors or inductors in signal path
Rear mounted gain controls
Matched JFET Inputs, less than 0.1% THD
1.5kVA power transformer, 90,000 µf
Power supply
Current overload indicators
Removable IEC AC cord
Gold plated 5 way binding posts, tiffany-style jacks
High powered 3 channel THX amplifier
Modular Channel design
12 Vdc Automatic-on trigger circuitry



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