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Pass labs, known for making some of the best sounding and very well constructed amplifiers, have come to market with to new preamps. A step up from their X series, with full remote control, these two preamps have a better sound signature than of past Pass Labs amplifiers, according to them.

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A little late to the party, as an owner and a big fan of Nelson Pass' amps design going back to his famous Stasis Ckt., this thread piqued my curiosity. I've listened to the XP10 preamp with XA60.5 driving the Gershman Gap speakers. I have listened to the Gap numerous times but didn't really catch my attention until this time. The Pass stack surely made the Gap sing. It was detailed, live, pure and wonderful sensation. I was listening to Bebel Gilberto's "Azul" and "Tanto Tempo". Angèle Dubeau's violin in "Fairy Tale" and "Fragile Dream" pieces were full of flair and emotions. The Pass are really a superb product and I completely agree with ddtgr.
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