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PB2000 graph!, MiniDSP(help)

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Here is an in room graph of my single PB2000. 2525 cu. ft. room with two 5' openings, doorway, stairwell:

No EQ, no smoothing:
Second Graph: MiniDSP, no smoothing:


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You are hitting on the same issue I have with the MiniDSP/UMIK-1. Even with NO filters, it reduces the sound too much. I have tried a lot of things including a Bump Box to change the voltage, opened up the MiniDSP to change the sensitivity jumpers, but regardless the output is diminished too much for me to use the MiniDSP. I did manage to get the curves flat with the MiniDSP at reference volume, but then bass is completely missing for movies…just gone. This is a subject that has been explored and is somewhat complex to tackle. Search these forums on MiniDSP gain samson s-convert.

Unfortunately, I have my MiniDSP sitting on the bench permanenly because of this.
I tried OSX and REW was not working right at all. I kept getting very different curves and it crashed a lot. You have to do some weird monkeying just to get it to work with the MAC to begin with. I was very disappointed. I switched to Windows and boom - it just worked. It has been my experience that software is just a lot more mature and tested on a PC.
What version of the MiniDSP are you using - also what plugins are you using and what versions? I did some reading and the later versions of the plugins may have fixed some gain issues. I could not tell if it was newer hardware or the newer plugins that made the difference.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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