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PB2000 graph!, MiniDSP(help)

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Here is an in room graph of my single PB2000. 2525 cu. ft. room with two 5' openings, doorway, stairwell:

No EQ, no smoothing:
Second Graph: MiniDSP, no smoothing:


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The issue I am having is that my subwoofer output is now very low with the miniDSP inline. Even adjusting the AVR gain from +2 to +10 it is very low. I am sure I just boogered up a setting somewhere. Any ideas?
Did you use only cutting filters? That’ll do it.


Looks like a big improvement adding the Polk to the mix, congratulations! Usually when you add an inferior sub to a first-class one, overall response is “dumbed down” to that of the inferior sub, as seen here.

1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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