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PB2000 graph!, MiniDSP(help)

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Here is an in room graph of my single PB2000. 2525 cu. ft. room with two 5' openings, doorway, stairwell:

No EQ, no smoothing:
Second Graph: MiniDSP, no smoothing:


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Looks like a big improvement adding the Polk to the mix, congratulations! Usually when you add an inferior sub to a first-class one, overall response is “dumbed down” to that of the inferior sub, as seen here.

Thanks Wayne, I think I basically got lucky. The Polk as you can see sort of has a sweet spot of output where I have it placed of 40-60 Hz, and this is right where the null of the PB2000 occurred. And I believe having it placed nearfield, which is my only other placement option, helps with keeping the gain lower. I think the miniDSP issue might be an input issue. I have my AVR LFE out going into the miniDSP input. I have a .9V input and may need to switch it to the 2V setup. I can't wait to get it working as this is the predicted graph after eq:


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Bah! No luck with the miniDSP. Switched it to 2v input and it is worse than before....I am just about fed up with it..I don't really have time to fiddle endlessly with things. I don't mind putting some effort in but this is just frustrating for something that is supposed to be pretty simple. Almost ready to snag a PB1000 to put where the Polk is and splurge on an XT32 AVR with sub eq.(not really i'm kind of a cheapskate)
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