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Hello -

I've moved houses and am trying to set up my projector to play the audio/video I'm streaming through my PC. I've had this same PC/video card with dual-monitors, AVR, and projector setup working in my previous two homes, so I'm clueless/frustrated as to why it isn't working now. I had it working a couple of hours ago (to see if it WOULD work, before mounting the projector), but then unplugged/mounted the projector/re-plugged in - and now it's not working...

Video card: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (has 2 DVIs and 1 mini HDMI)
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
AVR: Sony STR-DN1040
Projector: BenQ W1070

HDMI cable connects projector to AVR (output jack), and HDMI (Audio/Video jack) from AVR to the mini HDMI jack in the video card.

The process that has always worked for me in the past (when everything was connected and working) has been:
Go into PC's Screen Resolution/Display settings, select BenQ from the drop-down list of monitors, and extend the display to the BenQ. This would leave my main monitor available/showing my desktop, cause my second monitor to sleep, and the projector would then act as the second monitor and be showing my extended desktop. The audio would also switch from my computer speakers to the AVR surround speakers. When I was done using projector, I would use the drop down to extend my desktop to my second monitor, and both monitors would be back in action w/projector throwing its blank back-splash.

Now when I have the AVR connected to the video card - monitor 1 and 2 both go to sleep, and the projector (being thrown on the wall) shows that it's searching for source for a few seconds, and then says "No Signal." So at this point, the projector is showing a blank back-splash, and both monitors are asleep, so I can't access any sort of settings from my desktop. When I unplug the AVR from the video card, both monitors wake back up and I can use my PC per usual.

I've tried different settings and jacks (turning off/unplugging beforehand) with shutting down/turning on PC. Does anyone know whats going on here?
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