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I've noticed that the Dayton 701 Usher speaker kits are on sale at Parts Express. Does anybody have any experience with these? Do they sell these kits without the enclousures? I could make the enclousures myself from bich ply but I like the fact that they are easy to put together since everything is included in the kit and electronics is not my strong point.

I will like to upgrade the Omnisats V2 speakers I'm using right now which are nice but not enough for my big room. Also, if I can make the enclousures, can I make the front speakers towers with these kits instead of bookshelves? Can the enclousures be sealed or they need to be ported? I could buy three of these for the front speakers but what could I use for the rear? I would like something small for the rears if possible. Anyways, these kits should be a big improvement over the Omnisats, right? I also like the fact that for my budget of around $1,000, I could build a 5.0 speaker set-up. Finally, I have 120 watts per speaker and my crossover will be in the 80-100hz range.
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